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Please submit your report within one week after the end of a Zemi Retreat. Your report should be within 1,000 Japanese characters or approximately 400-450 English words. Be sure to edit your report before submitting. Use proper citations if you are quoting and/or using someone’s photo or design. Your submission will be reviewed before it is published to the website.

  • 交換留学生は所属するゼミクラスの学生と同じ期名を選ぶ。 Exchange students should choose the Zemi class you are attending. If you're not sure which one to choose, ask your classmates.
  • 日本語ならここのスペースに文書を貼り付けてください。 This is for Japanese only. If you are submitting in English, please paste your submission in the next field.
  • This field counts every letter and space as a character. You are limited to 2500 characters which is 400-450 words.
  • サポートしているファイルタイプ: jpg, png
  • このフィールドは入力チェック用です。変更しないでください。